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Saturday, December 29, 2012

"Forbidden" - Ted Dekker & Tosca Lee - Part 2

I finished reading "Forbidden" tonight and must say I was quiet surprised by the ending. (Rest assured, this blog will NOT give away endings.) Picking up where I left off on part 1 of this book, there are now a number of main characters to keep track of: Rom, Avra, Feyn, Johnathan, Saric, Triphon, and Neah. All of these main characters are "alive" with the forbidden blood running in them. This forbidden blood allows them to feel emotions like we know: love, joy, pain, sorrow, happiness. Everyone else in the world is considered "dead". They have no emotions other than fear, and operate out of what they are told instead of by human instincts.

In the second half of the book there are a good amount of running and chasing scenes. I found it very exciting to read, and was mesmerized on the author's descriptions of these chase scenes for three hours straight. In some parts of the books I was able to connect with the characters as they were experience these new emotion. I thought the authors did a marvelous job at describing the difference between the dead, emotionless characters and then their transformation into alive and feeling humans.

My overall opinion of this book is a 9 out of 10. There were a few slow spots and a few confusing spots that required me to reread over, but this in whole was a very good book. If you like adventure mixed in with a little life-threatening risks, then this is a good book for you. :)