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Sunday, March 17, 2013

"The Woman in Black" - Susan Hill

"The Woman in Black"
I borrowed this book from a friend of mine after we watched the movie featuring Daniel Radcliffe. I must say that this is one of the instances where reading the book first might have been a good idea. The movie really doesn't follow the book... at all. :/
Aside from not following the book, I was not really impressed with this book. I am about a chapter away from being finished with it, and I have yet to really get into the book. The pace is slow, and the build up takes forever. You have to get about two-thirds into the book before the Woman in Black is even mentioned. The first two-thirds of the book tries to build up to this suspense, and then the only horror action that happens is the sound of a rocking chair in a nursery. I'm sorry, but that's way too much build up for too little excitement.
Although I was not particularly impressed or interested in this book, it does not mean that someone else would. This is a good "beginner book" for people who do not typically read horror and suspense, but wants a little introduction to those two types of books. For someone like me, who's spent most their life reading horror and suspense, this was just too slow and dry for me.