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Sunday, March 10, 2013

"Yukon Murders" - Don G. Porter

"Yukon Murders" - Don G. Porter
The author of this book, Don G. Porter, is actually a cousin of a coworker that I work with. This book is published by a small publishing company, M&B (McRoy & Blackburn). From what my coworker said, he sells his books out of his truck at craft fairs and the Alaska State Fair. From reading this book, I can faithfully say I wish he sold his books through a larger venue because I would love to purchase another one from him!
My coworker suggested I read this book because one of the buildings the Section I work for has done work on the building in the past. So, after hearing that, I couldn't wait to read it! It certainly is a good read for anyone, not just Alaskans.
"Yukon Murders" is based in Western Alaska, in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta. The main character, Alex Price, is a bush pilot. (For my non-Alaskan followers, a bush pilot is someone who flies small puddle-jumper plains to remote locations in Alaska. Sometimes they bring supplies for the village people, sometimes they do others jobs.) Alex Price works closely with the police on occasion, and this time it's involved him transporting murder victims in body bags. For the small villages, death is common, but murder is not. The book opens with a murder committed in a small general store, buy a nameless visitor, who sets the mood for the rest of the tragedy that happens throughout the book.
I am currently on chapter 10 out of 24. I've been reading it on my lunch break and I'm always sad when I have to put it down. The book is written in a very free feeling way. I feel like I'm listening to Alex Price telling me stories of his past. To me, it almost feels like I'm listening to an old friend recapping his life. With this style, I feel relaxed reading this book, and excited when they mention a location I've been to. :)
My overall reflection on what I've read so far is that this is a very well written book, and I cannot wait to finish it. I have not read many books written by small publishing companies that I have liked, but Don G. Porter has a knack for it. I am very thankful that my coworker introduced me to his book, and has given me the joy of letting be borrow one of the signed copies to read.
**If you are interested in learning more about Don G. Porter, here is the link to his website.