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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

"Moms who Drink and Swear" - Nicole Knepper

"Moms Who Drink and Swear" - Nicole Knepper
Whilst roaming the aisles of Barnes and Noble, in a desperate search for parenting books to help me raise a pretty "unique" son, I came across this book. With a title like this, I couldn't wait to see what it was about! Was it a book that bashed mothers who were not all perfect, smiling, and gracious mothers, or would it embrace the true side of motherhood - the side that occasionally wanted to lock themselves in a closet to get a second to breath? Since my son has officially been kicked out of daycare, I deemed this a good book to read while drinking a glass of wine and sitting in a hot bath.  I  read the introduction and chapter 1, and I'm already bursting at the seams!
First off, I need to put a disclosure out there for people who read my blog and actually venture out to read the books I suggest. As the title says, there is swearing in this book! I'm not talking like the occasional "shit". There are a few "F-bombs" within the introduction/first chapter. This book is basically the raw emotion that many women feel, nothing in this book is sugar coated. It is the side of motherhood that people don't talk about to anyone but their best girl friends.
This book is by far the most hilarious book I've ever read. I took a look into her blog as well, and it is just as amusing to read as the book is. I recently e-mailed Nicole Knepper to ask permission to post a link to her blog on here, and actually got a response! She said that I could post it, and that she might have to check out my blog to see which books I'm suggesting to people. (How exciting is that!!) So, if you would like to check out Nicole Knepper's blog, it can be viewed at this link:

For now, I will continue to laugh my way through this book while relating to many of the situations. I will let you know what my final conclusion about this book at the end. My suggestion for this book is this; If you are a mother and have ever thought that a basic household should come equipped with duck tape, a tranquilizer gun, or a "kid-friendly" dog run, then this is the book for you!