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Sunday, June 23, 2013

"Radioactive Communist Zombies" Part 2

I've finished up "Radioactive Communist Zombies" by S. Evan Townsend and I must say it managed to change my mind. In the beginning of the book I was quite disappointed. The book seemed to bounce all over the place and couldn't decide if it was going to be a fantasy book, a war book, a romance book, or a diary-type book. It seemed to keep switching, and the transitions were not good.

About halfway through the book got much better. The author got his transitions down, and was actually throwing in catching moments to keep you hooked. It got to the point where I was reading two hours straight, and dreading to put down the book. The different types of books that were showing eventually got their act together and came to be a pretty interesting combination.

I was still confused about where the title came from. Throughout most of the book there is no reference to Radioactivity or zombies. The book does have a lot of talk about communism right off the bat though. Around 3/4th of the way through the book it finally mentions something about a radioactive bomb. Finally, on page 195 of 223 it says "radioactive communist zombies".

My overall opinion of this book is that it's a good book, but not on my favorite list. It took almost half of the book for it to come together and make sense. Similarly, it took over half the book for it to manage to capture me. Since I am doing a comparison with the same book that was tweaked and published under another name, I'll let you know how that one comes out. :)