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Monday, June 3, 2013

"Radioactive Communist Zombies" - S. Evan Townsend

"Radioactive Communist Zombies" - S. Evan Townsend

I have yet another unique opportunity for this blog. My coworker, Bonnie, has loaned me another interesting book, "Radioactive Communist Zombies" written by her cousin. While we were talking at work, she mentioned that this book is one that he published by himself. She also said that it was later picked up by a publisher, altered a bit, and renamed "Agent of Artifice". This immediately interested me and I knew I had to read both and see the difference between the two, and which book I like better. I can already tell you I like the title "Radioactive Communist Zombies" better than "Agent of Artifice" because it's so random, but we'll see if the book lives up to it's title. 

I've already started to read "Radio Active Communist Zombies" and will admit that it's a tad confusing at times. The man character is Michael Vaughan. He works as a Non-Official Cover for the CIA, and is an adapt. It took me awhile to figure out what an adapt is, and to be honest I'm not entirely sure I fully understand it yet. From what I gathered, an adapt is someone with special powers. Using their powers, they can change languages, persuade people, make people afraid of things they aren't, etc. They look just like humans, and it is very difficult to figure out if a person is an adapt or not. 

Anyway, back on topic. Michael is sent to Cuba to assassinate Castro. So far during his trip in Cuba, he's met a beautiful woman, Liesl. She is also an adapt and ends up in a deadly car crash with Michael, killing two other adapts. The violence against the adapts are increasing, and Michael is well known to the men hunting adapts. 

I'm only on chapter four of thirteen, but it's interesting enough to keep my attention. There are some slow points, but right as I'm considering to put the book down for the night something interesting pops up. So far this book seems like a crime novel, mixed in with a bit of wizard/witches type magic. You're on the run with Michael, and get to see what it feels like to be hunting men and being hunted by man. 

So far I would say this is a good read. It's still early to tell what type of person I'd recommend it to, but it's still a good read. :)