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Thursday, May 1, 2014

The White Bone - Barbara Gowdy

This book was recommended to me by a coworker awhile ago. Knowing my love of elephants she told me I had to know about this book. This book is written from a young elephant's point of view.

In this book, you follow the life of a young elephant, Mud. Mud's mother died after childbirth and trapped Mud underneath her when she died. A few days later a heard of cows discovers Mud and frees her from under her mother's corpse. 

The rest of the book from there on out is based from Mud's point of view. I will say that as interesting as I found it, I was not impressed. It is a pretty difficult book to follow. Unless you have a lot of time to decipher what Mud is talking about (i.e. A cheetah is not called a cheetah in the book, but called longbody.) then this book becomes difficult to read. 

I am going to put it at the bottom of my book list and read it later, when I have more time available. Who knows, my opinion might change by then. :)