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Thursday, August 28, 2014

"Mean Moms Rule" - Denise Schipani

Finally, a parenting book I can relate to! "Mean Moms Rule' by Denise has brought a smile to my face because I feel like she is telling me what I already think. Mean Mom's isn't about being, well, mean... it's about teaching your children to be ready for the world. It's preparing them for the world, not the world for them.

What does this mean, you may ask? Well, it means you make the kids learn how to clean dishes, mow a lawn, cook, and all those "mean" things that kids aren't doing today. It's teaching them life skills for them to be successful. It teaches them patience and learning that sometimes you have to work hard for what you want!

Denise has Mom Manifestos for being a true "mean mom". These are handy tidbits for mom's to remember when trudging through the path called motherhood. There are 10 manifestos to remember.

1) "It's not about you. It's about them.
2) Hang on to yourself. You many need that person later (and so may your kids).
3) Start as you mean to go on.
4) Don't follow the parenting pack.
5) Take (or take back) control.
6) Say no. Smile. Don't apologize. Repeat as necessary.
7) Teach life skills. If not you, who?
8) Slow it down. Slow it way down.
9) Fail your child, a little bit, every day.
10) Prepare them for the world (not the world for them).
*table of contents, Mean Moms Rule. Denise Schipani. Sourcebooks, Inc. Naperville, IL.

I just finished mean mom manifesto 8, and I'm really enjoying the book. So far, my favorite manifesto is 6. The stories she tells about her own sons makes this chapter comical and easy to relate to.I can so see my son in her stories!

When you get a chance, this is a must read for any mom out there! This is one of the best parenting advice books I've found. It's not sappy, it's real and it's honest. What more can you ask for?!